The Token (DFCH)

With, you have the opportunity not only to be a user but to become a real contributor by holding DFCH tokens and benefiting from the growth of the ecosystem.

Unlock Premium Benefits Now

Upgrade your Loyalty Level by depositing DFCH on our platform. A higher Loyalty level enables benefits such as higher interest rates and a personal relationship manager. Premium users show their confidence and trust in DFCH's long term value. Improvement Proposals (DIP)

The DFCH Token gives you the possibility to participate by giving your opinion in our improvement proposals to help us shape the future of the platform. It is just the first step towards fully decentralized governance of the platform.

High Yield on DFCH

Put your DFCH to work and get rewarded daily with new DFCH. Our token holders profit from a sustainable high interest rate which makes holding our multi-utility and governance token even more interesting for our users. Debit Card

Be one of the first to enjoy spending your daily generated rewards directly with your brand new Debit Card. Enabling our users to spend their crypto in just a few clicks in the “real world” will be a game changer.